Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Santa...

For Christmas this year could you please bring me something that would make it possible for me to look like Sophia Bush?  If you cant work that out could you at least make me as tall as her and give me her arms?  I will be sure to leave you milk and cookies and be a very good girl.


You're Hurting the Horsey's Ears

I spent a good part of my weekend up at my parent's house helping my Mom put up Christmas and spending time with my sister and her family since they are in town visiting from California.  As part of the all the Christmas decorations my Mom has a great little Playskool Nativity Set for the boys to play with.  So as soon as we pulled it out Drake, my oldest nephew, wanted me to play with him and I happily obliged.  As we were playing he would ask me questions about each toy and I would explain how each one fit into the Christmas story.  One we got  Baby Jesus he asked what he was sleeping in and  I responded with "it's a manger, like in the song"  and then proceeded to sing "Away in a Manger."  Drake had the little toy horse in his hands, he quickly covered the horse's ears and said "Aunt Cara, stop singing you're hurting the horsey's ears"  

Ah there is nothing like a three almost four year old giving it to you straight.  It's a good thing he is so cute, I mean look at that face?