Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Too Funny :).

OK I have a little obsession with this blog, this one cracked me up today, mainly because I am white and totally love this show and theme parties:

Mad Men Post

My favorite part of this are the comments where people get so serious. Come on people it's supposed to be funny.

I need to start wearing makeup to work becuase I don't know the word No.

So I work for an advertising communication firm and sometimes our graphic designers like to use people in the office when they are a creating proof of concept for a project. I usually like to imagine myself answering these requests with a resounding NO, but as many of you know that word is not one I am very good at using. So instead I get stuck back in a warehouse in front of green screen with no make up on, looking rather chunky and I get to be immortalized into the proof of concept video they are going to send to a group of clients. WOW....I think maybe I should go on a diet. Please tell me that the camera adds 20 pounds, not just 10?

Friday, April 24, 2009

I had the pleasure of attending an Alumni Event for the Alpha Gamma Chapter of Chi Omega last weekend. It was such an amazing experience that was made possible by Patty Halaufia. Thank you for planning such a wonderful event. It was definitely bitter sweet and I did get a little teary eyed, but being able to see a group of 150 very accomplished woman ranging in age from 18 to 80, from all over North America gather in one room was a reminder of what a powerful organization Chi Omega is and how much it means to me. It was so much fun to be back with all of my sisters and to get to spend a little time with them. They really do mean the world to me and I wouldn’t have meet most of them without Chi Omega. Joining this organization is one of the best decisions I have made in my life, I believe it has helped me in so many ways to become a better person, and I am constantly reflecting on the lessons it taught me in an effort to improve myself. It’s being a part of something bigger than yourself, and I really do feel connected to all of these women and its inspiring to see them again and here about their accomplishments. I included some more pictures from the event :).

Love in Chi Omega

This is almost everyone that was there when I pledged :).

It wouldn't be a Chi O Event without a funny face picture.

Pledge Class Fall 2000, the best pledge class ever!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Insurance Deductible on Car that has Been Side Swiped by a Semi: $500
New Battery Because "The Fix it" People Drain Yours and Forget to Tell You Before you Break Down in the Middle of One of the Busiest Intersections in Utah: $88
Tow Truck for Car Dying Next to the Homeless Shelter Downtown and Being Hauled to the Dealership Two Weeks After You Get a New Battery: $65
Mazda Dealership Diagnostic Fee: $85
Mazda Service Man Calling to Tell you the Battery Wasn't Connected to the Negative Charge because the "Fix It People" Left Out a Part that Holds the Battery and it Has Worked Itself Loose: Priceless.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

There is always time to Blog

So I am super busy at work today, and yet I am finding the time in my day to write this post. Seriously there is always time to blog. And I have more than a few things to be excited about today. In the interest of the whole I am busy at work thing I am going to just list them out, no time to come up with coherent witty paragraphs.

1. I am getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow. I need this bad, the ends of my hair are in fight and are starting to split. (Don't worry I did find time to Google images of celebrities whose hair I like and place them in a nice PDF for my wonderful hair dresser Peggy. Seriously I love her even if she is ridiculously expensive)

2. I am going to Sun Valley tomorrow with my fabulous friend Elizabeth to visit my fabulous BFF (yes that means Best Friend Forever) Morgan.

3. In about two weeks more than a few of my BFF's are coming into town. I will get my Lisa, Heidi, Morgan and this just in possibly Jenny, my BFF cousin friend. I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

4. It's my birthday on Wednesday. Which I don't really like hence it means I am one year closer to 30 and I have a moments of realization that I might be in the middle of a quarter life crisis, but you do get presents and fun dinners with your friends. So that part is exciting.

5. My brother is getting married, and I get to throw a shower for my new sister-in-law at the end of April. I really like this kind of thing because I am a weird human being who likes to come up with themes that having matching decor, food and invitations. Plus I absolutely adore Nellie and cannot wait to have her as my sister!

6. I don't have to go to work tomorrow! So basically it's like Friday and who doesn't love Fridays?